Dubai’s F&B Landscape Get a Taste of Digital Transformation: Virtual is the New Future
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Dubai’s F&B Landscape Get a Taste of Digital Transformation: Virtual is the New Future

Dubai is known for many things. From its glimmering skyscrapers to scientific advancements, the city of Gold is famous for being at the crossroad of culinary expertise. By amalgamating technology in its F&B ecosystem, Dubai is all set to go full-on virtual with more and more digital F&B brands.

The restaurants in UAE are known to be packed with orders firing up some significant volumes. Why the digital F&B sector is witnessing a massive boom? The answer is the easily controllable initial expenditure. The tides have turned now and there are changes that you might not find the major F&B players on the food courts, high streets, or anywhere near the brick-and-mortar establishments. Cloud kitchens are expanding and there are chances that you might find the F&B giants online instead of setting up kiosks or eateries near some famous streets.

Digital F&B: From where it all started? 

Believe it or not, the growth of virtual F&B businesses was propelled by the inception of a global pandemic. Most virtual F&B businesses play their cards with an exclusive in-demand menu of ethnic meal options and sign up with a cloud kitchen as well as delivery services to deliver the orders promptly. When physical contact channels were incised brutally during the pandemic, cloud kitchens proved to be a savior for those who rely on food delivery services.

Virtual Food and beverage businesses are more economical

The popularity of virtual food brands has increased over the previous few months. The concept of offering several cuisines, specialized offerings, or a wide variety under one roof reduces turnaround times while increasing efficiency. Additionally, it enhances the cash flow for any given design. It offers a variety of options for the visitor. For F&B professionals who are interested in learning more about the cloud kitchen concept, virtual restaurants offer a more affordable choice. After Covid, this market has already experienced tremendous expansion.  

Cloud kitchens have already made their root firm in all of Dubai’s major residential and business districts. These operators have attracted significant investment, providing them with all the necessary components for future expansion.

Additionally, inhabitants of Dubai continue to buy takeout, register for daily meal deliveries and are open to trying new cuisine concepts (healthy, vegan, and organic options are now popular). The food and delivery eco-system will expand more if these orders can be delivered in those 15 to 30 minutes. All of this is in addition to the city’s F&B industry’s restaurant portion.

Concluding Lines

Gone are the days of takeaways or dine-ins. People want all sorts of meal options in the comfort of their homes and they want it on their doorstep pronto. The new prediction strongly points towards a sharp rise in the F&B industry which is unavoidable for all the right reasons. Once virtual F&B businesses kick-off, all they need is effective “word of mouth” to be popular and gain consumer attention seamlessly. Don’t take our word for it, wait for the results.