UAE- The best place to settle down: Why?
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UAE- The best place to settle down: Why?

Have you got a job offer in UAE, and are you unsure whether it would be the best idea to accept the proposal? Of course, yes! UAE is not only a country of high-rise buildings, the world’s largest shopping malls and remarkable Arabian Souks, but it also provides good job opportunities and is one of the safe places to live. With visionary leadership and revolutionary administrative measures of the Emirati Government, the country today has flourished in every sphere.

Whether it is the top-notch ultra-modern infrastructure, drastic technological advancements and cost-effective housing facilities or high-class international schools, efficient medical facilities and effective legal system, UAE stands out amongst the rest. Thus, making it the most desirable place for ex-pats or foreign nationals to live.

Settling in the UAE: Benefits you will get!

Decided to agree to your job offer? Well, the following are some of the advantages you are sure to get once you move to the UAE:

  • Vast Income Opportunities: The country has opened its door for global entrepreneurs to invest in trade and commerce. It provides promising business opportunitiesand has all the facilities to help you take your revenue graph high. Alternatively, if you are a professional person, rest assured; the UAE will lead you towards new opportunities, fast-forwarding your career.
  • Tax-free Earnings: One of the reasons why people are interested in settling down in the UAE is its income tax exemption. Yes! If you are an employee of a business concern in UAE, you do not have to pay tax for your earnings. Obviously, this will stack up your savings, enhancing your standard of living and securing a comfortable retirement.
  • Affordable Living: Another factor for emigration to the UAE is cost-effective housing. New areas around various cities are growing; to develop apartments and buildings for accommodation, resulting in a drop in rental prices. Many new buildings are constructed in the middle of markets and shopping complexes, making life in UAE the utmost comfort.
  • Safe Place: You would definitely wish to settle in a safe country where the law is strict, restricting illegal activities of all sorts. UAE will be the best choice to seek because crime in the country is almost non-existent. You need not worry about theft. Besides, if you are a woman, you are in a safe abode. However, being an Islam state, it has certain stringent rules that you must follow to avoid ending up in prison!
  • International Transport Hub: Blessed with the strategic location on the Arabian Peninsula and having access to the Persian Gulf, the UAE is a highly connected country boasting the title International trade shipping and travel Hub. Dubai Airport is considered the busiest airport in the world regarding international passengers. So, whether you are a businessman or a citizen, the UAE grants you access to the whole world, trade or travel, whatever the purpose.


Indeed UAE is a great place to live with family and children. Moreover, the mixed culture the state has; strengthens its social fabric, enriching people’s lives. Also, you get a new 10-year visa alongside 100% foreign ownership if you wish to invest in trade relations. Thanks to the UAE Government for their relaxed policies that help people worldwide to come and settle in the desert country.